Karamade's BBP ToolBox Refund Policy

Each individual license of BBP ToolBox sold by Karamade on BBPToolBox.com website is protected by a 30 (thirty) days unconditional refund policy.

After a refund has been issued, the buyer must completely remove BBP ToolBox from its computer and the BBP ToolBox installer.

As a compensation, the buyer can keep the BBP ToolBox Templates he received as bonus with its BBP ToolBox license.

Usage rights attached to BBP ToolBox bonus Templates continue to be valid even if the license of BBP ToolBox is cancelled. The buyer deciding to keep the BBP ToolBox bonus Templates he received must then continue to respect the BBP ToolBox Templates Usage Rights. This includes the interdiction to distribute, sell or share the BBP ToolBox Templates.


By offering such guarantee, Karamade respects and extends the European Union commerce laws stating that every customer has 7 (seven) days to ask for an unconditional refund.

At Karamade, we, believe this type of consumer protection is necessary to maintain honest and fair marketing and business practices.


If you have any questions about our refund policy, please feel free to contact us.