Do you want to try BBP ToolBox?

A Free Edition of BBP ToolBox exists and can be used to try a limited scope of BBP ToolBox functionalities.

You should see the BBP ToolBox Free Edition as a capability demonstrator of the complete edition.

The BBP ToolBox Free Edition stops when your story template is formatted in Microsoft Word.

The complete edition of BBP ToolBox continues the formatting process by importing the story template into Microsoft PowerPoint. The complete edition helps you also with tailoring your presentation to a specific time.

With the free edition of BBP ToolBox, you need to do such steps by hand.

You can see what the free edition does for you in the video below:

(you don't see any video above? click here)


To see all the capabilities of the complete edition of BBP ToolBox, watch the videos located here.

Do you only need a story template formatter?

The BBP ToolBox Free Edition is a good way to start then!

BBP ToolBox Free Edition is dedicated to formatting your story templates according to the BBP process.

You will have to complete all other steps manually, however, as the free edition does provide only this functionality.

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